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The Shoefstall Tragedy

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Part III: The House that Escaped Downtown

  Part III Part III of "The House that Escaped Downtown" covers present day.  If you did not read  Part I and Part II  jump over here and here to read about the house downtown and the move to the Renaissance Neighborhood.  *****    The couple who now owns the Foursquare met while living in one of the Renaissance Neighborhood’s vintage brick apartment buildings. They are both creative, imaginative and artisans in their own right. They share a love for history, antiques and preservation. The manner in which they came to own the home is one of those storied, ‘meant to be’ tales.  He is a dedicated treasure hunter who has uncov ered countless arrowheads, tools of bone and metal objects such as jewelry, buttons, knives and more. He says of his home, “I’ve always loved doorknobs the most...” and imagines all the hands that have reached for them over the decades. Unearthed Treasures Door knobs from the Foursquare She is musical and has an eye for capturing tiny, meaningful scenes

Part II: The House that Escaped Downtown

Part II: We return to the story of the American Foursquare, built about 1906 in downtown Tulsa.  If you didn't read Part I, you may want to check it out here first.  Part II of this epic tale will share how the Foursquare found a new home and a new family at 1212 S. Birmingham Avenue.   The Foursquare at a new address on Birmingham Avenue. Image shared by current owners. **** In the early 1920’s, houses were being moved out of downtown Tulsa and further east and south to burgeoning neighborhoods. Tulsa Democrat, March 1917 It must have been a remarkable sight to see a large house being jacked up and rolled along a carefully plotted route to a new site. A huge undertaking, not to mention dangerous! Newspapers of the day are filled with tragic accidents and mishaps related to moving houses. You can read a story about one of them Here .  Some up and coming neighborhoods didn't allow houses moved in from elsewhere and even  advertised that they didn’t allow the practice. "C