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Emma Adeline "Addie" Perryman

During a recent interview with RNA homeowners they mentioned their property abstract indicated Addie Perryman had been involved with a murder trial. [Quick reminder, Addie Perryman is the native Creek woman whose original land allotment makes up a large part of RNA. We learned about her in our very first blog post here.]
This was new information to me. I hadn't been aware of anything of the sort, despite having studied half a dozen abstracts that mention her. Sure enough- a document in their abstract stated:
Lucinda Boone 
Oliver Davis, Addie, nee Perryman, Davis, his wife and Clarissa Bell (Addie's mother)
The object and purpose of said action is to recovery damages of the defendants in the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars for the unlawful and wrongful killing of Al Boone, the husband of the plaintiff on the 14th day of May 1909.  
Newspapers of the day provided some details:
The Weekly Chieftain (Vinita, Oklahoma) May21, 1909
The Coweta Courier, May 20, 1909

The Daily O…

Harry Heasley: From Oil City to Oil Capitol of the World

I love our little yellow-brick gingerbread house with its two original chandeliers. The couple that owned the home the longest--40 years--were Ray and Margaret Hillman. Ray played in a swing band around the Tulsa area. I found some ads in old newspapers for his events.
I love the fact that our home has been music-filled for so many years. My husband perpetuates this tradition with his own piano and guitar melodies. Nonetheless, I haven’t been able to uncover any particular intriguing history about our home or its previous residents. ***** However, I did uncover an interesting personal connection from my research of the Renaissance Neighborhood of Tulsa. In some of the first documents in my property abstract, before there were any houses, before W. P. Miles subdivided the land, but after it had been allotted to citizens of the native Creek Tribe, I noticed a name: Harry Heasley. My mother’s maiden name is Heasley and our family comes from Oil City, Pennsylvania. We moved to Oklah…

Oklahoma Historic Home Tour: Thomas-Foreman Home

Thomas~Foreman Historic Home
Muskogee, Oklahoma ***** The Thomas-Foreman home is located at 1419 West Okmulgee Avenue in Muskogee, Oklahoma. It is operated by the Three Rivers Museum and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Let’s head to Muskogee and mosey through history along the way….
In 1897 President William McKinley appointed John Robert Thomas as the Federal District Judge to Indian Territory. A Civil War Veteran, Thomas had been an Illinois Congressman for a decade. While in congress he served on the committee of naval affairs and advocated for upgrades to the fleet becoming known as the “father of the modern Navy.” Judge Thomas and his wife had five children but only two lived beyond infancy. He was widowed, it is thought his wife died in childbirth. By 1897 he was remarried and moved his family to Indian Territory. The Thomas’ settled at the Adams House Hotel. At this time it wasn't unusual to see rules such as "No Spurs in Bed" posted at hotels …