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Mary Jane Perryman

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One Family- One House- One Hundred Years

  Part I:   Rosemont Heights Rosemont Heights was one of the earliest divisions or ‘additions’ of land that was graded, platted with lots for sale in what is now as the Renaissance Neighborhood.   It was platted in 1911.   Originally Muscogee Creek land, it was allotted to Mary Jane Perryman in the early 1900's.   Mary Jane  would have been about 17 years old in 1911.  She  had married young and by 1911 she and her first husband, John Robert Harkness, already had three children.   It would be very interesting to know how much she was paid for the property when purchased by a Mr. John P. Given.  According to her niece, Wavel Ashbaugh, interviewed in 2015 by Voices of Oklahoma, Native people were often taken advantage of with complex land contracts and white settlers"...didn't pay very much for it...".   The present-day boundaries of Rosemont Heights are Delaware Avenue to South Florence Avenue and Thirteenth Street to Fifteenth Street.   Note:   The original plats